​Key AB685 Metrics:

  • Record which buildings/floors employee has been in for the past 14 days.

  • Inform other employees who were in the same buildings/floors within 24 hours.

  • Report “outbreak” to local health department within 48 hours.

    • Minor outbreak – 3 or more cases within 14 days, Major outbreak – 20 or more cases within 30 days.

  • Reporting requirements to inform other agencies

    • County office of Health, Cal/OSHA, Third Party Administrator (Workers Comp)

  • Date the employee tests positive and date the specimen was collected for testing

    • The employer shall keep a record of and track all COVID-19 cases with the employee’s name, contact information, occupation, location where the employee worked, the date of the last day at the workplace, and the date of a positive COVID-19 test.

  • Address(es) of the employee’s specific place(s) of employment during the 14-day period preceding the date of the employee’s positive test

  • Highest number of employees who reported to work at the employee’s specific place of employment in the 45-day period preceding the last day the employee worked at each specific place of employment