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The only solution, that has patented technology created from the ground up to specifically address compliance for AB685 and SB1159. A real time dashboard that provides metrics necessary for managing your compliance and an automated workflow that helps manage your reporting obligations.


Feature List

  1. For Employees with Phone Apps

  2. For Employees without phone apps

  3. Platform – User

    1. Data entry for users without device/app

    2. View personal tracing data

    3. COVID+ Data Entry

    4. Health Assessment

  4. Platform – Admin

    1. View real time tracing data by

      1. User (All buildings/floors User has visited)

      2. Building (All Users who have visited a building/floors)

      3. Data Range (All Users who have visited all buildings/floors in a date range)

    2. Data entry for any user without their apps/device

    3. COVID data entry for any user

    4. Realtime Dashboard data

      1. Deployment of platform

      2. Users on site by

      3. Users who have reported symptoms

      4. Users who are COVID positive by (outbreak tracking)

      5. Customizable outbreak threshold notification

      6. Built in notification for employees at risk

      7. Built in customizable notification

  5. Real time Notifications/Reminders

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