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NxtGen Technologies provides California community colleges access to "Trase" COVID-19 Contract Tracing Solutions

Are you AB685 Compliant?

Do you have a solution that can track people who only spend more than 15 minutes in a building without compromising their privacy or being intrusive, in an automated manner?

Trase can get you ready and in compliance. Coupled with daily health screening questionnaire and COVID+ reporting on the platform, you will have all the data and tools for compliance. 

Any solution used to for contact tracing and safety at your workplace for compliance with AB 685, need to answer the following key questions.​

  • Do you have to Mandate employees’ use of their personal phones?

  • Do you track employees using GPS coordinates or geo fencing?

  • Are you constantly tracking employees or specific locations?

  • Do you collect the least amount of information required?

  • Can kiosks be super spreading locations?

  • Is employee intervention required (like scanning codes)?

  • Can you track, trace and report outbreaks in real time?

  • Do you have integrated health screening?

  • Are there hidden costs (QR Code mounts - $20-$100/door, multiple kiosk installations)?

  • Does the platform provide for symptom/COVID positive reporting and track outbreaks in real time?

  • Can you meet your reporting and notification obligations in the same platform?

  • How does the data get affected if you don’t have your phone or don’t scan a code or use a kiosk?

  • solutions has the right answers to these critical questions. We’d be glad to show how our solution provides cost effective, automated secure, private tracing along with the required reporting and notification functionality to meet your obligations. has the right answers to these critical questions.

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Real time data at your fingertips with no user  intervention and tracking. 

With a mind to personal privacy, we only collect building data and not personal data.

We eliminate error by having zero user intervention in providing required location data.

We eliminate error by having zero user intervention in providing required location data.



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